A Little Bit About H+H

H+H is a creative agency that understands the spectrum of the digital experience, and we believe that creative solutions come out of multi-disciplinary knowledge. We ensure that strategy, design and technology are all given careful consideration throughout the entire process to strike the perfect balance.

Our Specialties

User Experience Design

This is where we start every project. What are the challenges your users face? Who is your typical user? What is your definition of a successful conversion on your site? These are just a few of the questions we'll ask before focusing on a flow chart and then mid-fi wireframes detailing all user experiences, including on-click and hover interactions.

UI Design

Long gone are the days when functionality was the only concern in website development. Design is the first and often most lasting impression that your website will leave on your visitors. A website should be beautiful, but simple and intuitive at its core. If you take a look at our work, you'll see we're fans of strong imagery and video as well as bold colors and typography.

Graphic Design

We design and deliver built-to-spec creative assets for use on social media platforms and email campaigns; including flyers, GIFs, Photoshopped imagery and Snapchat Filters. We also design business cards and presentation decks for startups, yearly recap presentations for non-profits and template presentations for internal use at larger agencies.

Full Stack Development

We are experts in Ruby on Rails, HTML5, SASS, Javascript and we believe in practicing Agile and Test Driven Development. We're also proficient in Wordpress, Shopify, Angular.js and Node.js.

Responsive Development

We design and develop every website to look great on all devices and on all modern browsers. With our fully responsive code base, you won’t have to manage multiple versions of your website.

Custom Web Applications

We build fast, secure and reliable web applications. We stick to structured framework programming, coding guidelines, and industry standards, but we are eager to embrace new technology. We look at the latest advances and find the ones that work for you.


We have extensive experience with a large range of e-commerce solutions, and know how to utilize popular technologies like Stripe, Paypal, and ActiveMerchant. Whether you need a simple B2B solution or a fully fledged peer-to-peer marketplace, we’ve got you covered.

Portfolio Sites

Musicians, Consulting Teams, Agencies, these are just some of the groups that don't necessarily need a full blown web application. We can work within your budget to beautifully convey what it is that you do and what makes you better than your competition.

Analytics & Performance Metrics

Data doesn't lie, so naturally we've become Google Analytics experts. After launching a new website for a client, we always offer continued support. Most clients engage us to put together custom GA reports monthly. These come with more than just stats though. We offer insight and actionable recommendations for improvement, which range from UX to page speed optimizations.

Custom Email Templates

We design and develop custom email templates that are tested across all modern email clients, and work with your preferred mailing service including Mailchimp, Sendgrid and Zdirect.


We'll help you be more discoverable on search engines by optimizing meta and title tags, generating dynamic XML sitemaps, creating custom error pages, and conducting keyword research, among various other best practice initiatives.

Google Adwords

AdWords is an incredibly powerful Pay-Per-Click online advertising solution that we have experience managing for clients interested in advertising locally and attracting customers and leads with products or services that they are searching for. We perform keyword research, optimize campaigns and A/B test different ad groups to continuously ensure we are optimizing a client's budget for conversions.