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Direct Image Uploading on Heroku

by Leo Royzengurt

Efficient client side image uploading can sometimes be a daunting task, especially if the web application you are working on has thousands of users uploading simultaneously. While Rails has many...

Using Google Fonts Responsibly

by Peter Liu

Google Fonts is one of the best, open-source web font providers, containing an incredible library of completely free typefaces that you can easily plug into your website. However, using them...

Ruby 2.3

by Leo Royzengurt

Ruby 2.3 is coming out on December 25th so we will all have something fun to play with in between eggnog and unwrapping presents! Ruby 2.3preview2 has been released already and we have had a...

Belongs_to and its amazingness

by Leo Royzengurt

Belongs to associations are awesome right ! But in recent dealings with developers I have seen some shocking ways to implement it.

Let's take for example a reddit type application where we have...